Juice Bars

Looking to get started ordering for your Juice Bar, but not sure where to begin?

We’ve curated trusted top selling items by brand in each of the categories that you’ll likely be interested in for your Juice Bar. We hope you find this page helpful, and look forward to supplying your store!

Herbs & Nutrition

Our founder got his start eating herb extracts straight out of the jar, and we are honored to supply such amazing products in this category. For a complete herbs & nutrition catalogue, browse here.

Body Care & Lifestyle

From Skin Care to Oral Health, we’re honored to supply ultra-clean eco-friendly products. for a complete body care & lifestyle catalogue, browse here.

Premium Healthy Snacks

We feel this category defines the future of snacking in the healthy-minded consumer. For a complete premium healthy snacks catalogue, browse here.

Chocolates & Treats

Chocolate fuels our office at Foundation, and is always a hit with customers. For a complete chocolates & treats catalogue, browse here.

Grab-n-Go Snacks

We’ve worked hard to curate clean and delicious grab n go snacks that satisfy taste and high standards. For a complete grab-n-go catalogue, browse here.

Ready to Drink Beverages

No store is complete without a great drink cooler, and we’re proud to offer some awesome options. For a complete ready to drink catalogue, browse here.