Become a Supplier

Thank you for your interest in becoming a supplier for Foundation Foods!

We are proud of our unique wholesale distribution model, where we combine wholesale distribution with quarterly sales presentations, field marketing support, and a highly curated set of products.

How we Work with our Vendors

Foundation Foods is proud of our reputation for having superb service, integrity, and a collection of the highest quality products. Our team is focused on service, support, consistency, and long-term positive relationships.  We believe in our products, and sales growth for our brands is a happy by-product of these factors.

We follow up with key accounts to make sure their orders are being placed weekly. We support vendors to run all types of promotions and ask our vendors to support us with samples and collaborative sales efforts. We meet with our corporate buyers and visit our stores regularly.

How the Numbers and Logistics Work

We do not charge our brands or our stores fees of any kind, and only have our distributor margin to support our business. We do not have a set singular percentage that we ask for, as every situation is unique, and requires unique considerations and negotiations.

We like to stock a maximum of 3-4 weeks’ worth of product to have the freshest product available for our customers. We require our brands to have at least one active or approved high-volume chain store in our region before on-boarding.

Our Standards for On-boarding

Each product we carry and all brands we work with are carefully vetted for the following criteria:

  • Are the ingredients highest quality? Are they organic or better (i.e. wild-crafted, locally grown, etc). Are there no unnecessary sugars, additives, or fillers? Certain ingredients (e.g. dairy, sugar, soy, wheat, corn, etc) must be organic in order to be considered.
  • What is driving the people behind the company? Are they driven by a passion to create amazing products and make the world a cleaner and better place?
  • How does the product taste? Is it delicious? Is it clean and fresh? Does it feel good?
  • Is the packaging thoughtful and beautiful? Does it evoke a good feeling?
  • Are we raising the bar for the entire category by supporting this product? Are we being respectful of brands we are already working within this category?

Please review our standards for more details. Further details can be discussed after we have a chance to review your information and samples. We receive a high volume of new vendor inquiries, and greatly appreciate your patience and understanding!

Submit an Application Using the Form Below

Due to the high volume of submissions and our team’s focus on caring for current vendors, reviews and responses may take 3-6 weeks. Please notify us if you have an expedited request from a chain store. All submissions are confidential under Foundation Foods’ Privacy Policy. Thank you for your the opportunity to learn more about your brand!

Please send samples to the following address.

ATTN: Sample Review Team, Foundation Foods, 934 Calle Negocio, Suite A, San Clemente, CA 92673

Submissions without samples will not be considered.

*Please note: Foundation Foods pauses all new vendor onboarding twice a year, to coincide with our summer and winter closure weeks and associated busy periods. Submission processing may be on hold between June 15th and July 15th, and between Nov 15th and January 15th. Thank you for your patience.