About Us

Our Vision

Here at Foundation Foods, we have a clear and simple vision: to curate and activate a collection of passion-driven organic or better products. You’re likely to find us snacking, drinking tonics, and doing everything we can to feel great inside and out. We want this to be the daily reality for all our friends, family, and community! Our customers can trust everything we offer to have clean ingredients, beautiful packaging, and a passion-driven, forward thinking approach to the natural products market space.

Our Mission

As a company, our mission is to support the most passionate, highest quality, paradigm shifting brands that are working towards a future of wellness and consciousness for consumers and producers in the natural products industry. We aim to share our industry expertise, skillset, and work ethic activate a new and powerful collection of conscious products in the food and nutrition space. We are proud to provide our products in organic focused specialty stores around Southern California and beyond.

Our Values

We implement our values of compassion, integrity, and accountability to build a Foundation of consumer awareness and brand consciousness (and now it is clear where we get our name from). Our highest principle is gratitude. We are so grateful for our vendors and our customers, and for your taking the time to read this page, and support our mission and our brands. Thank you!

Our Standards

How do we discern the best from the rest? A product is the best when it creatively combines what the environment needs to be clean, what your health needs to feel stellar, and what your taste desires to have fun. It’s production needs to be driven by passion and integrity, and it must have a focus on improving the community as a whole. Please see our Standards page for a more complete list… In summary, products that are organic or better, passion -driven, and delicious!

Our Team

Our team is the best! We’re honored to have a hardworking, passionate crew of foodies and fun-seekers. From yogis to professional surfers, pilots to super-moms, and nutritionists to punk rockers, we all share the common goals of enjoying our work/life balance, working together as a team, and supporting a project we believe in.

Our Roots

a note from our founder and CEO

As our company grows, I find more and more that my absolute favorite personal aspect of this whole experience is when I am talking to a brand owner, and they began to express their passion, their reasons for why they are in business and what they hope to accomplish. Though each one may have different specific reasons, the light in their eyes, the glow in their faces is always the same. Then, when the Foundation team and I are sharing our products with customers and we are able to see the very same light, the very same glow as someone finds their new favorite product that they never knew existed.

I got my start fresh out of university with three bachelor’s degrees in my pocket and a growing interest in wellness through clean eating, yoga, and meditation. I had begun to experience the positive impact of eating nutrient-dense, highest quality foods. After hosting a radio show on student radio with the founder of Sun Potion, I was graciously offered an opportunity to work for them. I found Sun Potion to be an amazing company that inspired the standards and work ethic for Foundation Foods. Working in the field for Sun Potion, I was given the opportunity to share my experiences with the world around me, and see what an amazing results occurred when communities were exposed to such quality and passion.

Over time, we’ve developed long-lasting, supportive relationships with many brands and stores that keep the highest standards for ingredients and operational integrity, as well as a passion for improving the world through their products. We’ve found a true purpose of finding the absolute best brands and products in each niche of the consumable goods industry, and supporting and growing them so that their passions, flavors, and health benefits can reach the maximum number of people possible. As we continue to grow, we are excited to see what new markets we can share our products with, and what new exciting products we discover!

-Louis D’Angelo, Founder and CEO of Foundation Foods