Wholesale Ordering Through Foundation

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Order wholesale for your store!

We’re honored to be a leading wholesale supplier for organic-or-better products crafted by passion-driven manufacturers. Our favorite part about what we do is sharing the excitement and passion of the creators of our products with the enthusiastic store owners and operators who supply their communities.

Proudly based in San Clemente, CA

In our home region of Southern California, we proudly offer weekly delivery from our own truck fleet. Additionally, everything on our site is available for wholesale purchase by eligible customers across the U.S. with low minimums and simple ordering procedures. Contact us with questions at hello@foundationfoods.com.

Opening an Account

Interested in opening a wholesale account? We’re honored to supply your store with our high-quality products. The process to qualify is simple, Just go to our Wholesale Register page and fill out the form. We will get back to you within 1-2 business days.

Once qualified, you can order directly from our website. We value your business and feedback, so if you have any suggestions on improving the ordering process or overall experience, please let us know!

Resources & FAQ

Commonly used links:

Wholesale Customer Resource Links

Stock Management Page

Known Out of Stocks – Updated Regularly

Wholesale Delivery Schedule

Am I eligible for a wholesale account? How do I register?

If you have a store or a company and are registered as a reseller in your state, you are eligible. To register, visit our Wholesale Register page and fill out the form, and submit! We will get back to you.

Please note that wholesale customers must complete and submit the Uniform Sales & Use Tax Resale Certificate, and agree to the terms in the Wholesale Customer Policy sheet. We do not accept customers that are exclusively online resellers or amazon resellers, you must have a brick-and-mortar shop.

How do I place a wholesale order?

Once your account is approved, simply login to your account and order from our site (Check out our Quick Order Guide, it’s our favorite way to order). Items will automatically default to their case pack size, if they are sold by the case. Contact us if you have questions!

When will I receive my delivery? What is my order deadline?

Please see our Wholesale Delivery Schedule for a complete list of delivery days and order deadlines, depending on your location.

For Southern California local wholesale accounts, we will deliver your order on your delivery day. For wholesale accounts outside of Southern California, orders will be shipped via UPS within 4 business days of receipt or according to the Wholesale Delivery Schedule.

Orders are entered into our ordering site or emailed to ‘orders@foundationfoods.com’. The deadline to email orders is 12 pm, two business days prior to delivery day. The deadline to submit orders on our website is 11 am, one day prior to delivery day.

Are there shipping fees? What is the minimum for free shipping?

For California, Nevada, Arizona, and Utah local wholesale accounts, the minimum for free shipping is $250. Orders less than $250 will be charged $25 for shipping.

For non-local western wholesale accounts, the minimum for free shipping is $550. For orders $350-$550, there is a flat rate of $20. For orders under $350, there is a flat rate of $30. Certain items that are perishable, fragile, heavy, bulky or liquid are subject to extra shipping charges.

For non-local eastern wholesale accounts, the minimum for free shipping is $550. For orders $350-$550, there is a flat rate of $25. For orders under $350, there is a flat rate of $35. Certain items that are fragile, heavy, bulky or liquid are subject to extra shipping charges. Perishable items require a $70 surcharge for 3-day guarantee shipping to ensure the product arrives in proper condition.

Some items (e.g. bottled water) may not be eligible for wholesale purchase outside of our local truck’s delivery range here in Southern California. Shipments to Hawaii will incur additional shipping charges, thank you for understanding.

Does Foundation backorder items?

We do not backorder items. We will remove out-of-stock items from your invoice prior to shipment. Please reorder any short or missing items for your next delivery.

We do our best to keep all items in stock, but cannot always predict demand, or our vendors’ ability to fill our orders. Thank you for your patience and understanding. Please see our Stock page for more details.

How do I pay for my wholesale order?

Our standard terms for wholesale accounts are net 15 from the day of shipping.

Once your order has been delivered, you can pay via ACH on our website under ‘My Account -> Invoices‘. Alternatively, you can send us a check in the mail, our address is in the footer of this page.

Credit card payments can be made by request, and a 3% processing fee will apply. Please contact our accounting@foundationfoods.com to request to pay via credit card.

If your account becomes overdue,  we reserve the right to 1) withhold future shipments until your account is current and 2) require a credit card on file before fulfilling future orders. Thank you for your cooperation in keeping your account current.

Other questions? Contact us for help, thank you!