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Alkaline Spring Water Glass Still 25.4oz


Tahoe Artesian Water™ embodies the unique taste of the snow capped mountains that surround Lake Tahoe. If you have visited the region before, you will immediately recognize that our water is light, soft, and smooth. It is very different than other waters on the market.

The family-owned protected aquifer produces naturally high pH water which is not sold or mass produced for other bottlers. Every sip of Tahoe Artesian Water™ is an authentic product from this beautiful region.

UPC: 040232694202
MSRP: 3.49
Shelf Life in Days: 999
Case Size: 12


High in the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the winter snow falls cold, crisp and clean. During the spring the snow begins to melt and travels through hundreds of feet of granite to aquifers deep below the mountains. Pressure begins to build in these aquifers until water surges back to the surface under its own pressure.


Naturally Alkaline

Tahoe Artesian Water™ has an amazingly high pH of 8.7.  Unlike other brands, Tahoe Artesian is 100% natural, absolutely nothing is added.  Mother nature is our proprietary blend!

Perhaps the most amazing attribute of Tahoe Artesian Water™, is that it has the natural benefit of a high pH while still tasting soft, light and smooth. While most high pH waters have a strong mineral taste that is displeasing to the pallet, Tahoe Artesian maintains a strong pH and soft taste reflecting the delightful terroir of the Lake Tahoe region.


Carbon Footprint

We are proud that 90% of our packaging originates within 120 miles of our facility, and, we continue to seek innovative ways to reduce the environmental impact of our bottles.



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