Wholesale Delivery Schedule

Weekly Delivery Schedule & Ordering Deadlines

Orders are entered into our ordering site or emailed to ‘orders@foundationfoods.com’. Southern California accounts are delivered on a weekly schedule via our local trucks, and all other accounts are shipped via common carrier on a weekly basis. Please refer to the sections below for details.

Southern California Accounts Receiving Delivery via Our Local Trucks

The deadline to email orders is 12 pm, two business days prior to delivery day. The deadline to submit orders on our website is 11 am,  one day prior to delivery day. Your order will be delivered on your fulfillment day. Orders sent after the deadline may be delayed in delivery, depending on our workload. Thank you for understanding!

Region of Southern CaliforniaFulfillment DayEmail DeadlineWebsite Deadline
Los Angeles West, Central, & EastTuesdaySunday at NoonMonday at 11 am
Orange County & Long Beach AreaWednesdayMonday at NoonTuesday at 11 am
Santa Barbara, Ventura & North LAWednesdayMonday at NoonTuesday at 11 am
Inland Empire & DesertsThursdayTuesday at NoonWednesday at 11 am
San Diego County & Temecula AreaThursdayTuesday at NoonWednesday at 11 am
LA – High Volume Stores OnlyFridayWednesday at NoonThursday at 11 am

Accounts Receiving Delivery via Common Carrier / UPS Ground

The deadline to email orders for shipping common carrier is the day before the last day we can ship the order, to arrive within the same week. We will ship your order on your fulfillment day. We do not like to have shipments sitting in the carrier’s warehouse over the weekend, it’s bad for the chocolate! *Orders sent after the deadline may be delayed in delivery, depending on our workload. Thanks!

Region Outside of Southern CaliforniaWeekly DeadlineFulfillment DayDays in TransitApprox Delivery Day
Central and Remote Southern CaliforniaWednesday at NoonMonday-Thursday1Tuesday-Friday
Northern California, Nevada, Utah, and ArizonaMonday at NoonMonday-Wednesday1-2Tuesday-Friday
Hawaii, Pacific Northwest, Midwest, and TexasSunday at NoonMonday-Tuesday3-4Wednesday-Friday
Midwest, Great Lakes, and East CoastSunday at NoonMonday4-5Thursday-Friday

A Note on Shorts and Stocks

If an item is out of stock, we will not bill for it; please reorder on your next order. We do not back-order items. Please reorder any short or missing items for your next delivery. See our Stock Management Page and our Known Out of Stock Page for details about O.O.S. items if available, Thank you.