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Spirulina Powder Raw Organic 14oz

Spirulina is a blue-green freshwater algae, known as one of the most nutritionally complete superfoods on the planet! It is 70% protein by weight, with all the essential amino acids to form a complete protein. This ancient superfood contains a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals to fortify the body. Research suggests a host of benefits from regular Spirulina intake, including easing allergies, detoxifying the body, and reducing inflammation. We source super clean, pure, organic Spirulina.

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Shelf Life in Days: 365
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  • 100% Certified Organic
  • Tested For Purity
  • Raw & Gluten Free
  • Total Body Tonic
  • Antioxidant & Mineral Rich


… Ancestral Nutrition on a Cellular Level!
Spirulina is 70% protein by weight, containing all 8 essential amino acids, as well as a full spectrum of vitamins and minerals. This blue-green algae is thought to help cleanse, detoxify, and alkalize the body. For 2.5 billion years, this single-celled organism has thrived on the Earth in perfect helix shapes that resemble our DNA. Ancient cultures, including the Aztecs, consumed Spirulina regularly for vibrant health.

Sourced from the immaculate regions of Northern Chile, Imlak’esh Spirulina is cultivated organically in shallow spring fed pools and tested for organic purity.


Spirulina Benefits
Considered an ancient superfood by the Aztecs, Spirulina’s nutritional makeup helps fortify the body’s natural systems and enhance its functions. This tonic is commonly used to detoxify the body of heavy metals as well as energize.

Spirulina is made up of 70 percent protein by weight and is considered a complete protein because it has all of the essential amino acids needed for human vitality. It also contains other nutrients such as AB5684 gamma-linolenic acid (GLA), phytochemicals, metallo-thionine compounds, and iodine, which work together to boost the body’s functions.


Ingredients: Organic Spirulina Powder



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