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Cherry Lime Mint Winter Seasonal Kif Kefir Water 12oz

Think fall in Los Angeles: you want that quintessential autumn cherry pie but the summer heat still lingers – pair it with a splash of lime & refreshing mint for a crisp fall refresher.

UPC: 860009533554
MSRP: 6.50
Shelf Life in Days: 150
Case Size: 12
Shipping Class: Perishable


Kefir water is another potent gut-healing beverage but we sip it because it’s naturally lower in sugar, has no caffeine & none of that vinegar-y taste.


100% real ingredients and never pasteurized, Kif Kefir Water is artisanally crafted in small batches to be the most refreshing & delicious way to get your daily dose of probiotics. And it’s vegan & gluten-free!


How to Enjoy: Kif can be consumed at any time, day or night. You can drink Kif on an empty stomach or with a tasty meal. It is recommended to be consumed in one sitting. One serving size of Kif is one 12 ounce can of pure gut-loving deliciousness. We love it so much we drink one can a day!


Storage: Must be refrigerated. It’s enjoyed best when served chilled!


Ingredients: purified water, organic cane sugar (for fermentation purposes only), kefir culture, cherry, lime, mint.