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Algae Cooking Oil All-Purpose 16oz

Experience the purity and versatility of chef-grade algae cooking oil, rich in good-for-cooking and good-for-you Omega-9 fats. This oil can do it all; sear, bake, roast, dressings, dips, and more.

UPC: 860010924006
MSRP: 25.00
Shelf Life in Days: 540
Case Size: 6
Shipping Class: General


Algae Cooking Oil is a new extra-versatile, everyday cooking oil that’s better for flavor, health, and the planet. It is light and slightly buttery, with the highest composition of good Omega-9 fats (more than olive and avocado), the highest smoke point (535 degrees!), and the lowest planet impact.


The mother of all oils:
  • Amplifies Flavors – Neutral, light, and just a lil’ buttery, this oil elevates the delicate flavors in whatever you’re cooking.
  • Healthy Omega-9 (13G) – The highest composition of healthy Omega-9 fats, more than olive and avocado oil.
  • Higher Smoke Point (535°F) – Achieve delicious high-heat flavors and textures without imparting any burnt or off notes.
  • Extra Versatility – Bolder stir-fry, fluffier dips, brighter dressings, richer sears, lighter frying, and healthier baking.
  • Low Environmental Impact – Algae, the mother of all plants, takes only a fraction of the time and resources to produce oil.


Algae Cooking Oil’s lightweight, sustainable, and functional aluminum container is anything but cheap. Aluminum effectively protects the oil from light and oxygen, which, over time, can reduce its quality. For added functionality, they engineered an easy-pour insert for controlled pouring. Furthermore, aluminum can be infinitely recycled and boasts the highest recycling rate compared to both glass and plastic.


Ingredients: Algae Oil, Mixed Tocopherols (Vitamin E).