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Yak Ghee Himalayan Traditional 8oz


Our Yak Ghee is made from yak butter that comes from yaks living wildly that roam the vast grass plains and mountains of Mongolia. The yaks have an incredibly diverse diet of over 200 types of grasses and herbs.

Yak butter has a rich history throughout Nepal, the Himalayas, and Mongolia. It has long been the fuel of Mt Everest climbers, taking them to the highest mountain on the planet! It is also a staple in the diets of Buddhist Monks, who sip on yak butter tea throughout the day.

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Certified Paleo and Keto, this new flavor is the perfect addition to your butter tea (best paired with pu-erh ) or coffee! It is also great for any recipe that calls for fat!


With each purchase, you Buy 1 we Feed 1! We take care of children in need by providing meals, shelter, and healthcare. With the purchase of every jar, we donate to take care of our next generation with optimized food and health and planet!


Ingredients: Pasture Raised Yak Butter


Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is optional.


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