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Utah Sea Salt Ghee 8oz


Add more good fat to your life with this perfect blend.

UTAH SEA SALT is not only ghee-full of vitamins A,D, K, Omega 3’s and MCT rich healthy fats, but now, it’s supercharged with REALSALT®’s all-natural, unrefined 60+ trace elements (including gold and silver!) and unique profile! ⠀

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Shelf Life in Days: 730
Case Size: 6

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With each purchase, you Buy 1 we Feed 1! We work with a non-profit organization to take care of children in need by providing meals, shelter, and healthcare. With the purchase of every jar, we donate to take care of our next generation with optimized food and health and planet!


Ingredient: Organic full-year/pasture-raised butter (milk), ancient sea salt.


Store in a cool, dry place. Refrigeration is optional.


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