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Umami Reserve Hot Sauce Extra Heat 5oz


Umami, the fifth taste, translates as a “pleasant, savory flavor”. Our Umami Reserve hot sauce is a rich, earthy, decadent profile with a dark kick from pounds of organic, 500,000+ Scoville-rated Chocolate Habanero Pepper

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A cousin to the familiar orange habanero pepper, the Chocolate Habanero is earthier in flavor and hotter in spice. Oven-dried olives, porcini, wild-harvested kelp, and capers round out the Umami Reserve. GF, plant-based, and non-gmo & organic ingredients.


Ingredients: GF Tamari*, water, olive oil*, tomato paste*, chocolate habanero pepper*, capers, dried olives*, porcini mushroom*, shiitake mushroom*, seaweed*, garlic*, red miso*, balsamic vinegar*, chipotle*, carrot*, date*, sesame oil*, cumin*.

*Organic Ingredients

All Non-GMO Ingredients


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