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Slim Soft Toothbrush Zero Waste Package 1ct

Beautiful, Biodegradable, Bamboo Toothbrush!

Regular Soft Bristle, Slim Style Handle.

UPC: 860002270555
MSRP: 4.95
Shelf Life in Days: 999
Case Size: 12
Shipping Class: General
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What’s up, Slim? Ever been called that in high school? Well, now you’ve graduated and your toothbrush has taken your superlative. “Slim – Most Popular With the Ladies”. This is so true with our Slim Adult Toothbrushes. Women and teens seem to ‘lean’ towards the sleek, straight look of this streamline, bamboo handle. The grip is a bit smaller than its Standard Adult sibling and instead of four rows of bristles, there are three! And just like our full line of toothbrushes, there’s a lot to be said about going natural. Let it start with your toothbrush. We’ll talk about your roots later.