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Special Reserve Flight 3pk California Honey 9oz

The Special Reserve Flight includes Morro Bay Wildflower, Pozo Wildflower, and California Wildflower 100% pure, raw, and unfiltered honey.

Each of these rare and unique honeys were created under special weather and environmental conditions. This is one of the things that makes beekeeping so special, working with nature and the bees to bring unique flavor profiles to you!

UPC: 853766007420
MSRP: 15.99
Shelf Life in Days: 1825
Case Size: 6
Shipping Class: General


Morro Bay Wildflower Honey – This honey is harvested from the wildflowers that bloom near Morro Bay in the Pacific Coastal Hills. The nectar the bees gather for this smooth, full-bodied honey is predominantly from the Toyon Bush (also called Christmas Berry) and the flavors are enhanced by the yellow and blue wildflowers dotting the landscape. The toasted nutty flavor is sure to intrigue your taste buds, expand your honey palate, and elevate any dish.


Pozo Wildflower Honey – The Pozo Wildflower honey elevates every recipe, with a burst of fruity flavor and a deliciously distinctive texture. This honey crystallizes with both large and small crystals for great spreadability and enjoyable crunch.


California Wildflower Honey – It is a shimmering jewel in a jar, the color a luminous golden glow and the flavors full-bodied & distinctive, with a balanced blend of fruity and spicy. Harvested from the colorful and abundant flowers growing wild in the foothills, the California Wildflower honey is honey perfection.


True Gold Honey’s flights are the perfect size for gifting, cheese and charcuterie boards, travel friendly – they can hop on the plane with you in your carry on bag, and just right size for your pre or post workout smoothie!


Harvested by hand from True Gold Honey’s 4th generation family business, bottled in small batches, and packaged in glass to preserve taste and quality.


Ingredients: 100% Pure Raw California Honey