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Organic Pink Nam Hom Coco Water 11.2oz


The sweetest and best tasting coconut water you’ve ever had!

Real Coco’s pink coconut water comes from hand-picked young Nam Hom coconuts from Ratchaburi, Thailand. Known for its nutrient-rich soil producing coconuts with a lighter, sweeter, more aromatic flavor.

UPC: 889568000727
MSRP: 3.49
Shelf Life in Days: 360
Case Size: 12

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WHY IS IT PINK? – The pink color comes from naturally occurring antioxidants mixing with the enzymes in the coconut water. This causes the water of the coconut to turn pink, with a slightly sweeter and lighter taste.


No refrigeration = low carbon footprint. Eco-friendly packaging. Drink guilt-free.


*No added sugar, Never From Concentrate, and Packed with Electrolytes


Ingredients: Organic Coconut Water


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