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Macaroni Pasta (Elbows) 16oz


While Macaroni is a generic term in Italy that refers to all pasta products, in the U.S. it’s synonymous with the elbow kind of Mac ‘n’ Cheese fame. But these aren’t ordinary elbows. Their thicker wall, and bronze-drawn surface give them incomparable texture. Flavor and nostalgia. Does it get any better?

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Simply the most flavorful dried pastas you’ll ever eat, with the dense chew of the best pastas from Italy. All of Semolina’s pastas are extruded through bronze dies, and then slow dried to perfection. Certified organic, and 100% egg and nut free.


We dry all of our pastas slowly and at low temperatures to preserve the natural flavor of the wheat.


Ingredients: Organic Semolina, Water.


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