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Heritage Blend Olive Oil Organic Extra Virgin 16.9oz


Harvested in the Sicani Mountain region from Sicilian olive trees up to 1,000 years old, Heritage Blend is a 100% organic, single-estate olive oil that effortlessly brings the essence of Corleone to salad, pasta or fresh-baked bread.

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Grown and bottled on La Furtuna Estate in the Sicani Mountain region, our Heritage Blend Sicilian extra virgin olive oil is one to remember. Persistent and harmonious, it hosts a soft flavor of fruity, golden notes with a nose of artichoke, green tomato and almond.


On the palate, this cold-extracted, high-quality olive oil is incredibly smooth and balanced with a medium spice. Take a teaspoon right out of the bottle, drizzle on a leafy salad, or pair with a Bona Furtuna Salt and Herb blend for an electrifying meat rub.


Blessed by its hillside proximity to Monte Barraù in the Sicani Mountain region, Bona Furtuna Heritage Blend premium Italian extra virgin olive oil is comprised of olive varieties that are native to Sicily. Handpicked from farm-grown trees, olives are immediately milled, where their oil is cold extracted and estate bottled within 24 hours.


Ingredients: Oil from a Single Variety of Organic Sicilian Olive (Cold Extracted)


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