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Cinnamon Ginger Nutmeg Granola 10oz


We highly recommend this flavor for lovers of plain yogurt, or serve mixed with fruit and honey.

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Ingredients: *Certified Gluten Free Oats, *Coconut Oil, *Coconut Palm Sugar, *Coconut Chips, *Cassia Cinnamon, *Nutmeg, *Ginger, *Vanilla Bean, *Himalayan Salt. * = 100% ORGANIC INGREDIENTS





Because this is made with coconut palm sugar as the only sweetener it won’t spike blood sugars. So, no sugar rush and more importantly, no crash. Plus, cinnamon is a excellent spice for helping the body metabolize sugars.


The highly bio-available and organic ingredients in Asana Foods gluten free Granola provides your body with powerful nutrients.


So, why do we choose the organic ingredients we use? Pure and simple. It tastes better…and as a bonus its way healthier. Plus, it’s not easy finding truly gluten-free granola. For those who are sensitive to gluten, cross-contamination can leave a lot of doubt as to whether or not a granola labeled as “gluten-free” truly is.


The sole sweetener in this granola, organic coconut palm sugar, contains a naturally occurring fiber called inulin that helps to lower the blood sugar spike. So, no sugar rush, and more importantly, no sugar crash.


And finally, organic gluten-free oats, grown in pristine fields in central Wyoming.

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