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Coconut Milk Chocolate Minis 8g



This is a vegan dark milk chocolate. It’s proof that we can, sometimes, have it all.

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It’s a silky, smooth utopian bar that catapults you into peak summer, with lush notes of berries and cream. Made with single origin cacao from Zorzal Cacao, a cacao farm and fermentary located inside a bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic, and pure shredded coconut. Once referred to by Edible Brooklyn as “an actual dream”. Save the wrapper and send it as postcard.


60% Cacao


Origin: Zorzal Cacao, Dominican Republic


Ingredients:  Organic cacao beans, organic cane sugar, organic coconut, organic cacao butter


About Raaka Chocolate

We’re devoted to making uncommonly delicious chocolate that captures the brighter, bolder, and fruitier side of cacao. That’s why we make every bar from scratch with unroasted cacao beans, sourced from growers we trust and admire.

The unique flavor of our unroasted chocolate is part place, part process. We craft our bars in celebration of each cacao origin’s unique character.

We believe our process should value the community of growers, producers, and makers whose livelihoods depend on cacao and chocolate.

We make our chocolate from scratch, bean-to-bar, in Red Hook, Brooklyn.


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