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Cardamom and Black Tea Herbal Sparkling Water 12oz

A lightly energizing sparkling water with bright notes of cardamom, earthy black tea and a subtle hint of black pepper.

A ready-to-drink beverage crafted using 100% organic and natural herbal bitters. NO calories, NO sugar, preservatives, artificial color or so called “natural flavorings.”


Our apologies, but some of our bottled water and coconut water products are not available to be ordered through Foundation Foods outside of our Southern California truck fleet’s delivery range.

We appreciate your interest in ordering these products from us, however, it is not feasible to reliably ship such heavy, low-cost, fragile products via a common carrier. Thank you for your understanding! – The Foundation Foods Team

UPC: 854826008029
MSRP: 2.49
Shelf Life in Days: 300
Case Size: 24
Shipping Class: Truck Delivery Only


Light and bubbly with a hint of herbal goodness, these are perfect enjoyed cold out of the can or used as a mixer for cocktails. May also be employed to settle an upset stomach or enjoyed after a meal to stimulate digestion. Caffeine content is comparable to 1/4 cup of black tea.


INGREDIENTS: Purified carbonated water, DRAM Black Bitters (non GMO glycerine, *black hawthorn berry, *fair trade black tea, *black cardamom, *black walnut)

*organic ingredients