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Bright Roast Organic Blend Whole Bean 10.5oz


The lightest roast we’ve ever made. This is what happens when coffee beans from three countries come out to play together.

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Roast Profile: Light Roast

Coffee Type: Craft Blend

Flavor Notes: Raspberry, sweet almond, grapefruit

Flavor Profile: This organic blend of African and South American coffee has a lively entry, rich crema and tremendous character with a cocoa finish.

Social Impact: When you purchase this coffee, you fund education in D.R. Congo and Peru.

Current Blend: D.R. Congo, Peru, Ethiopia


When you enjoy this coffee, small-scale farmers thrive. When small-scale farmers thrive, the communities they support thrive with them.


In Colombia, kids get uniforms so they can attend school.

In Peru, farmers receive education so they can cultivate healthy, organic food.

In D.R. Congo, communities access vaccinations to stop the spread of disease.


When you enjoy this coffee, you make a positive impact in coffee farming communities.


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