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Beet Latte Blend With Probiotics Organic 5.3oz

Just add water for a delicious, instant, earthy beet latte.

  • Made with fermented beet, beet juice powder, beet root powder and ginger extract.
  • Lightly sweetened with coconut palm sugar.
  • Made with a base of coconut milk powder for a delicious creamy texture.
  • An amazing source of antioxidants.
  • Supports liver and heart health.
UPC: 627733001359
MSRP: 15.99
Shelf Life in Days: 352
Case Size: 6
Shipping Class: General


How to use it:

  • Mix or blend 1.5 tbsp. of powder with 6oz of warm water or milk and enjoy.
  • Add it to smoothies, raw desserts, chia pudding and more!


Ingredients: organic beet juice powder, organic beet root powder, organic fermented beet powder, organic coconut milk powder, organic gum acacia, organic coconut palm sugar, sea salt, organic citrus flavor, organic ginger extract powder, bacillus coagulans (#MTCC 5856)